Doug Mears, Doug Mears Actor, National Trading Corporation

A Step by Step Understanding of Investment and Trading

Following elaborates a full-grown method to become a technically qualified trader and an Investor, respectively.


  • Hiring a Broker
    The easiest way to trading stocks is to paying someone like a broker to trade stocks for you. Brokers have the sufficient knowledge of the trades and the technicalities needed to control the losses. Brokers are in plenty everywhere so the trouble in finding one would not be any trouble. This is for stocks on the exchange floor.
  • Find a reliable website
    There are a number of online brokerage services like E*Trade, Armitrade or Fidelity which provides additional assistances like bonus advices, mortgage loans, debit cards and other benefits such as the absolute control of your own trading of stocks.
  • Market Orders
    Market order lets the traders trade their trade with market orders that lets them trade for the best price that s available in the market at the time of trading. Also, use stop market or stop loss orders. This lets a trader sell a trade hen the optimum price is found, on its own.
  • Trailing Stop
    This sets a lower and upper limit for the buying or selling of a stock.
  • Usage of Limit Orders
    Making of a window that is outside the traders’ expectations.

For investment

  • Understand the Stock Market
    Research and comprehend what stock, shareholder and stock market is.
  • Understanding the two stocks
    Common stock is the stock that is visible to newbie. This is the share in one company. The risk of this is too high but can ensure higher values of return
  • Preferred Stock
    This is all similar to common stock except the voting rights.
  • Understanding Supply and Demand
    Demand is dependent on future expectations of performance. The demand shoots up when the stock fairs good. During less supply demands goes higher.
  • Understanding Dividends
    Dividends are the incentives of investment. Stability provides more dividends, which is a form of passive income addition over longer periods.
  • Right Conviction
    Every investor should understand the basic reason for investing. As in due course, many consistent responsibilities are necessary to continue as an investor.

Doug Mears, CEO of National Trading Corporation says that these guidelines of investment and trade are much helpful to become a successful trader.


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